EL - Minor National

EL - Minor American

General Information

The Thunder Elementary Program will be fielding Minor National (ages 9-11) and Minor American (ages 7-9) teams for the 2022 Spring season. Practices and games will be held at Memorial Ashford Little League, 12900 Westmere Drive, Houston TX 77077.

The Elementary Program provides boys 7-11 years old the opportunity to hone existing and learn new skills under the direction of our wonderful coaches. While we do hold "tryouts" for these teams, it should be thought of more as an assessment that gives the parents a chance to evaluate if the Thunder is a good fit for them and vice versa. It should be thought of as a low stress way to get to know each other.

In the Spring season, all players will play in each game with playing time being fairly equal. The Elementary program is developmental in nature and we love to watch the boys learn while having loads of fun.

If you are interested in playing with the Thunder or have questions, please contact us at Info@WestHoustonThunder.org

Coaching Staff

Our Coaches are the heart of our program. It is their responsibility to deliver a quality baseball program for the Thunder families. They go above and beyond the call of duty in sacrificing their time and effort to help the boys learn and grow, both in baseball and life skills.

Danny Ferrara

Head CoachMinor National

Jack O'Brien

Assistant CoachMinor National

Joshua McDonald

Head CoachMinor American(Thunder Class of 2018)

Program Liaisons

Program Liaisons are the primary resource for current Thunder families who have questions or concerns regarding the program in general, their specific team or their son. Please don't hesitate to contact the Program Liaisons below and they will be happy to talk with you and try to answer your questions.

James Koch

Audra Koch


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