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Important Info

Players are required to attend with at least one parent, unless the parent(s) of another attending players agrees to "adopt" the player for the week.  Parents are solely responsible for their player during the week.  The coaching staff does not serve as guardians for the players, unless they've agreed to personally "adopt" the player for the week.

Familes are expected to make and pay for their own travel arrangements to and from Florida, and may travel by any means as long as they are in Auburndale/Orlando area by the afternoon of Sunday, April 24.  The coaches normally schedule a practice Sunday afternoon but times are to be determined.  Normally, some families drive and some fly.

During the week, all players must travel with the team to and from Calabay Parc at Tower Lake and the fields.  Families must make their own arrangements for travel to and from the fields.  Families not staying in Calabay Parc must make arrangements for their player to be at the designated pickup location each morning.  Failure of players to miss the van may result in disciplinary action.

Families are expected to make and pay for their own lodging arrangements.  We strongly encourage you to stay with the rest of the team in the Calabay Parc at Tower Lake neighborhood in Haines City.  As stated above, players are required  to travel with the team and the van will be leaving from Calabay Parc each morning.  There are a limited number of houses for rent so do not delay in making your reservations.  Other HWS teams also stay in this neighborhood so act quickly.  Often, multiple families split a house to reduce costs.  If you are not able to find a suitable house in Calabay Parc, another option is the Southern Dunes neighborhood, directly south of Calabay Parc.  

Families are expected to make and pay for their own food during the week.  The houses in Calabay Parc have full kitchens.  We will have at least one team cookout for all players and families sometime during the week.

Players, coaches and families are expected  to conduct themselves according to the Thunder Handbook.  Failure to comply with these rules may lead to a reduction in playing time, suspension from the team or dismissal from the program.  If a player is dismissed, he will not be allowed to participate during any team event and will be asked to leave.  If the player's parents are not present (i.e. he has been "adopted" by another family), his parents will be contacted and the player will be required to fly home on the earliest possible flight at his expense.

Playing Time
The decision regarding which players play, where they play and how much they play lies with the coaching staff alone.  This is a competitive tournament.  Our goal is to honor God, our families and the Thunder program by competing to the best of our abilities as a team.  Each player is expected to strive towards this goal, regardless if he is on the field or not.  Each player is expected to be ready mentally and physically if and when he is called upon to take the field.

Families are required to pay their portion of the program expenses for this trip.  It is estimated that those fees will be approximately $150-200 per player.  The final fee amount will be determined by March 31 and the fee will be due by April 15.  Your costs can be reduced by participating in one of our fundraisers.  Three of our fundraisers are already over, but our Business Sponsorship Program is still a very good option to raise funds to offset your fees.

Off Day
In the past, the tournament organizers have scheduled an off day for Wednesday.  The Thunder has no control over the schedule and cannot guaranteed this will be the case this year.  Additionally, if games on Monday or Tuesday are rained out there is a possibility of playing on Wednesday.  Please keep this in mind when buying non-refundable, advanced purchase tickets for various attractions. If there is an off day, families will have the option to make their own plans or go with other families.  Previously, folks have gone to the Orlando theme parks, the Atlantic or Gulf beaches, or any number of other activities.  Often a trip to Tampa to see the Rays play is an option one of the nights.
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