The West Houston Thunder coaches love baseball and are passionate about sharing that with young men in the homeschool community.  Our coaching philosophy emphasizes attitude, effort, sportsmanship and growth.

Our goal is to present each athlete with the opportunity to reach their potential as a baseball player and as a teammate.  Our players are expected to be responsible, respectful and strive to improve.

The Thunder Culture
One of the most valuable assets of the West Houston Thunder is the reputation we've created.  Our program, players and coaches are defined by what we do and what we believe.  We are orderly, productive and respectful in all we do, demonstrating a high-quality product.  Each player is responsible to the team for being a representative on and off the field.  This is evidenced by being punctual, positive, encouraging, respectful and focused.  The team values are meant to help our young men mature as teammates, students, friends and family members.

Coaching Philosophy
Our overall coaching philosophy is grounded on two beliefs.  The first is the belief that in order to improve, the athlete must prepare.  Baseball is a highly skilled sport that required daily preparation.  This includes both mental and physical concentration in order to execute quality repetitions.  Besides being present and punctual to team practices, preparation may include daily conditioning, attention to health and wellness, drills at a local facility, or private/camp instruction.  Team practices alone will not enable a player to reach their highest potential.  Players are expected to take responsibility for setting and reaching personal goals in addition to team goals.

Our second belief is that, combined with proper preparation, self-confidence and self-esteem lead to success.  It is our responsibility as coaches to ensure that every athlete who participates in our program exudes confidence and poise.  Through positive reinforcement and a continued emphsas on self-reflection, our athletes will become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately mature as a baseball player, teammate and role model.

Below is a calendar that shows all West Houston Thunder events.  To see events for only one team, visit that team's page.
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